A Young Looking and Energetic 51-years-old Actress Cindy Crawford Enjoying Bike Riding with Her Husband

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Cindy Crawford looks young and attractive even at 50s. She is the mother of 2 kids. Her son Presley Walker Gerber is 17 years old and daughter Kaia Jordan Gerber is just 15 years old. Both these children belong to her present husband Rande Gerber, who is a 55-years-old business man and ex-model of Hollywood. The couple has superb bonding that’s why they are still in relationship for since past 20 years. Recently, both of them are spotted together on 24th of May during bike riding in Malibu. Even at this age, Crawford and Gerber look much more energetic and rejuvenate. Her healthy lifestyle is the key reason behind her refreshing and evergreen looks.